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Seminar with Tracey Jensen, Lancaster university: Thinking trough mothercraft and statecraft: the cultural politics of parent-blame

Högre seminarium

Lokal: PILEN, ingång från Pilgatan 19, 3 tr.

Seminarium med Dr Tracey Jensen, Lancaster university.

In Britain and across Europe, politicians, policymakers, cultural commentators and journalists struggling to understand rising poverty, widening inequality and stagnant social mobility so often reach for the same explanation: 'bad parenting'.

The 'bad parent' has come to have a rich and complex social and cultural life, manifesting in sites as diverse as government reactions to social unrest and protest, in the popular circuits of judgement that are dramatised on primetime parenting television and on the discussion talkboards of social media. This seminar will map some of the ways that pathologising and stigmatising ideas of failing, chaotic and dysfunctional families are manufactured across media, policy and public debate - and how they are reproduced by parents themselves. These ideas have coalesced in recent decades in a powerful consensus that Britain is in the grip of a 'parent crisis'.

Tracey Jensen will track the production of crisis talk around parenting, and reflect on how this crisis talk has been used to police and discipline families who are considered to be morally deficient and socially irresponsible. Parent crisis, she will argue, has been used to justify increasingly punitive state policies towards families - including the withdrawal of different forms of social security and welfare support - in the name of making -bad parents- more responsible.

This seminar will draw on ideas presented in more depth in Tracey Jensen's forthcoming book Parenting The Crisis: the cultural politics of parent-blame (Policy Press, publication date: March 2018).

Tracey kommer att presentera sitt arbete under seminariets första hälft, varefter vi diskuterar tillsammans.

Föreläsare: Dr Tracy Jensen, Lancaster University. Her research and teaching draws across the disciplines of sociology, social policy, cultural studies and media. Research interests are around cultural politics, representation, social and media inequalities and the cultural and emotional dimensions of austerity.

Datum: 2017-09-27

Tid: 13:15 - 15:00

Kategorier: Socialt arbete

Arrangör: Institutionen för socialt arbete

Plats: Konferensrummet PILEN, ingång Pilgatan 19

Ytterligare information:
Tracey Jensen open seminar.pdf

Kontaktperson: ingrid.hojer@socwork.gu.se

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